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Reviews for "Areas"

Very, very, weird

I have no clue what is going on in any of these things. First I put the mouse over some symbols and there's no music being played until I go to this part that has this eerie Christmas music. I keep going back to where I started and I don't even know how to advance. I try pressing the mouse to hit the white objects but it only obeys me about half of the time. I have to give you points for creativity in making an extremely incomprehensible game. I would recommend this just for how unique it is.

Great game

This is exactly what a flash game should be: simple, fun, and addicting. The rules you figure out along the way, and they are as much of a puzzle as the game itself. It is almost completely different than anything I have ever played before, and as such deserves high praise. You should do a sequel, but not before I finish (Just did level 50!)

Really unique shooter

This game really deserves more attention and a better score but I suppose the uncompromising approach taken in its design will pretty much sentence it to people's "Hidden Gems" lists and cult fandom. It's certainly on my list of underappreciated gems.

Make more!

Great game!

When I started first I didn't really noticed the power-ups, but when I did I thought it was a great game. It's totally different from the other games I've played and I really think it's art.
(Hmmm.... Probably need to finish the game, I got stuck so I wrote this)

It's very good!! :D

hi! I loved the game when I started to play it, the control is simple and the music was strange but cool! I think I was addicted to this game for a month or something! xD

By the way, on the last level when you pass the score of (+/-) 800.000 of that level it starts to apear fake circles that don't disapear anymore! while the true circles usualy have an effect that they fade to black, the fake ones pass instantly from white to black; and some of them are so big that they dont fit in the black area!

Anyway it's a great game! Congratulations! :D