Reviews for "[As] Tobuscus Dubstep (RMX)"


so awesome, i love this!

xAlexSx responds:

Haha thankss

This is just

great stuff


What are you doing listening to Tobuscus Dupstep audience? That's a WIN! Tobuscus Dubstep WIN! I thank you, sir, for making my day. Tobuscus is one of my all time favorite Youtubers. I hope he beatboxes again so you can make more of these. OUTRO OF DARKNESS THEN REDNESS THEN WHITENESS!!! BOOOOP!!!

I like it

Hopefully this will bring more people to newgrounds.

I couldn't decide if I should dance or burst out laughing. I ended up laughing uncontrollably.
"like the bruce lee of bullets" ROFL!
I just kept thinking about the one Tobuscus walk-through I've seen all the way through and that was on Amnesia (loved his walk-through).