Reviews for "[As] Tobuscus Dubstep (RMX)"


Great song hahah :D its very cheerfull and upbeat, this is the good kind of dubstep
the kind that isnt useless, keep it up! :D

xAlexSx responds:

Lol muchas gracias senor!

You. Are. The Man.

Okay, first off, I ONLY made this account JUST so I could say:

I've been listening to this sexmix all day. Ever since I've heard it, I can't get it out of my head. I actually HATE dubstep (with a passion) but the way you presented this mix freaking BLEW MY MIND.

In part because Tobuscus is my hero, you sir, are his audio-remixer of awesome. This mix is just simply amazing. The huge bass plus the lyrical genius (the manipulation of his little quips from his Bulletstorm Let's Play) and the intensity of this mix just makes me go AHMAGAD. I love this remix. You deserve a T-shirt, quite honestly because I'm pretty sure even Toby himself has this song stuck in his head after listening to it. I know I have. I'm pretty sure that this song would be THE entrance music (like in WWF fake wrestling, everyone has their own intro music) for Toby.

Personally, I love this mix wayy more than the I'm a Bird Mutha F****** song because this remix feels like it has SOUL. Like, I can feel the effort, the creativity, and the voice behind this. The "I'm a Bird" song feels like a GarageBand/FruityLoop preset manipulated by a newbie. But this mix just feels AWESOME.

And I'm not an audio-technical person, but I love the WHEEWWW thing. Perfect fit into that.

I think a great idea with this song would be to find a great Flash artist/animator and make a little thing using this song: like, Toby's face on the body of Gray (from Bulletstorm) and the background changing while Toby's face continues to sing the song/dance (when there are no lyrics).

Please continue to do more stuff like this, more epic remixes of his awesomeness. You should be known as Audio-Steven.

Thanks! I love the song (I've already said it, but I feel it's needed).

xAlexSx responds:

Wowww. Thanks dude this means a ton. It's the comments like these that make producing remixes and music in general a totally worthwhile experience. Haha and in regards to the flash thing, I like that idea!

And don't worry, there are plenty more remixes to come! Hell, I might even do a remix of the I'm A Bird Mutha F****** remix. haha. Maybe.

Thanks man, this definitely made my day

I came

Didn't even have enough time to slide my pants off. :c

xAlexSx responds:

My bad dude :\

When I saw you made this....I stopped everything!!

I had to have this...and the WEAAAAAAAAAOOOOOH made it even better. And it's good that it's not just a stupid remix, it's actually a good song!!