Reviews for "[As] Tobuscus Dubstep (RMX)"

the next pendulum :D

Ur style to me is very pendulum im not fimiliar with many types of techno/dubstep/etc music im just saying what i can relate it to :) awesomework :)

I gotta say...

...when people do filth properly and with a touch of uniqueness, it's actually enjoyable. This is a shining example.

In concurrence with what Blizzard said, you might just need to take another look at the drums. It sounds as if the drums are being dominated by synths.

Excellently done

This remix was well done, Great job. I hope to hear more of your work as it comes out. Great job keep up the good work.


that was fucking awesome man!! The main melody builds up very smoothly and the bass line rulez! The drums could be a little fatter, but they still pretty damm awesome.

Could you check out my music? I make techno. I would really apreciate if you leave a comment or a rate.

xAlexSx responds:

Haha thanks for the review!

And of course I'll definitely take a look at your work. (:

Hell yeah!

I like my dubstep like this. It's filthy, but it still sounds cheerful and upbeat in a way, and the song contains a lot of variaton (I heard some dance elements). I seriously exploded at 0:40, there's such an amazing impact there. If I'd hear this in a club I'd go crazy, man!

Great job, dude! 5/5 and DL

xAlexSx responds:

Thanks man!