Reviews for "[As] Tobuscus Dubstep (RMX)"


I guess I gotta give love to the personality It gives, but lots of people listen to daft punk and screamo....

He's everywhere!

"Audience? What are you doing on Newgrounds, audience? Listening to dub step, my dub step? That's kind of creepy audience, you shouldn't just-- Ooh, look, it's a vizualizer-- INTRO OF DARKNESS THEN GREYNESS THEN DUB STEPNESS..."

Ok, I'll stop now. This is a good dub step. Not the best, but it's got extra points for Tobiness. Peace off.


i recalled toby talking about this but i never thought about listening to it until i went to the audio portal here on newgrounds and saw it on the front page, and clicked it without looking at the title, just the "dubstep" genre, and then i heard "HAHAHELLOOO AUDIENCE" and crapped myself

Pretty Good

This coming from someone who doesn't even like Dubstep.

I was a little hesitant at downloading this

cuz it contained material owned by someone else. But when i heard toby listened to this, i was like "......OMG!! :D"

Then after that i immeadiately downloaded it.