Reviews for "[As] Tobuscus Dubstep (RMX)"


Hahaha Tobuscus FTW! Loving his run through dead space atm... He's just so funny!

Anyways, to the song... what else is there to say than 5/5 10/10


This is fucking nasty.
for realz.
Is there any way to get just the instrumental, I'm in love with the beat, not so much the vocals lol.
Regardless, the song is insane.
5/5 10/10


These vocals are awsome!

i dont listen to dubstep

but i watch to much tobuscus/tobyturner i guess thats why i think this is awesome

SnapCrackleDEATH *wheeeeeeeew*

This is amazing :D I've been playing this non-stop for the past 3 days and I don't even like/listen to dubstep :D