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Reviews for "[As] Tobuscus Dubstep (RMX)"

Holy turd!

I've been keeping up with Toby Turner A.K.A Tobuscus and im sure this remix would make him really proud of you Alex, in other words this remix is the essence of awesome :D


this so awesome im a big fan of him and he is so awesome this a great job man niec one!


good fucking job man.. thats all


Damn, ok, I need a second to think....
honestly I have went around trying to find good dubstep
even all the mainstream dubstep artists suck and make shitty dubstep.
i.e. downlink, deadmou5 etc.. etc..
this might be the first dubstep that I actually would listen to since Skrillex.
this is really good, keep it up.

I actually looked at the video

And that was only the beatbox part.... this is like a whole new element added to it.... so this is the best hard dubstep on NG rite now (not just because toby is beatboxing).... the hard dubstep synths are so overpowering that i see you alternate between that and toby :) i thought it was someone screaming first.... wow now thats a good vst.