Reviews for "[As] Tobuscus Dubstep (RMX)"

just watched the original vid because of you.

Freakin awesome job. Towards the end of the vid, he says "get up! your fine...haha, just kidding!" and the guy blows up. you could put that right before a drop, and it'd fit perfectly. in fact, i'd cream my pants.


THIS IS PROBABLY THE BEST DUBSTEP ON SITE! i just love the drop at 0:38, all awesome. thank you for this awesome music piece

Ooooh, Snap, Crackle, Death!

This is my all time favorite dubstep mix on Newgrounds, bro. The drop hits at just the right time, and goes along so well with the beatboxing.

Bad. ASS.


This is exactly what Dubstep should sound like! Pure epicness! BRUCE! LEE! BULLETS! DUBSTEP! RAWR!!!!!!!

Hello Once again audiance!!

I love this song especially the part of the bullet bruce lee