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Reviews for "Toytown Tower Defense"

Extremely Easy

This was EXTREMELY easy but very well done. The graphics are excellent, the weapons are even better (Wow, the Barrett was great!), but I found that it was so easy because if you spend 6 on Weapons and 6 on Survivors for the first couple days, you can get all the survivors and at least 1 automatic weapon. Once you have all your survivors you pump your hours into weapons and you can get the more powerful weapons. I didn't repair my barrier from day 8 until I beat it. Other than that this game is perfect. The only thing you can do in a next version is add more weapons, more survivors, and more days!

thisgame is addictive because it is hard

a hard game but well costrcted

i only review games i spend alot of time on:D

it was pretty good n fun but i think the mage or other 3 heros sould have dif specals other than each just haveing same everything besides normal. and not enough towers really. and there sould be dif levels. i spant a lil over n hour being mage and didn't win so was happy 2 quit and try new char. but oh was i sad 2 find out pretty much the same:(( and mostly all same enemys once u hit level 10 or so u.ve seen all the enemys basicly so yea but i think u got something great going and i woulda gave it a 10/10 if there were more towers and maybe ur hero's were a bit dif but a good game none the less:D

I usually only review games I love

And this is no different!

This game has many upgrades and different scenarios. It keeps me guessing and, although if I remember correctly, you can't win, which makes me sad.
But I could be wrong and it could be me that sucks, I'll readily admit that.

So, I just wanted you to know I've come back and played your game on three different occasions just because I wanted to play it, I even had to search three times this time around, I found it on google under the words "hero tower defense" in the top two or three. You rock, your game rocks, mad props.

Pretty Fun.

It gets pretty dang hard late in-game, but still pretty fun, liked it a bunch