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Reviews for "Toytown Tower Defense"

Nice One

This game is very good, I thoroughly enjoyed playing it because it had two features that most tower defence games dont have, but they probaly should. Number one it has a huge map, I like this because not only does it give you a lot of time before the enemys reached what it is your defending, its also allows you to have a lot of space to build towers, it is a good that you made the map like this. The other feature is that you controll something/someone, I have often thought you should be able to fight defend things yourself in theese sorts of games, this is because half the time towers shoot at things that you dont want them to. Like theres something about to get to what you are defending but the towers seem to be much more intrested in something else. In this game the problem of this is expelled because while your towers are shooting at something you really dont want them to, you can just go shoot what you do want to. And so I would just like to say welldone!!

nice game

a little weird, but a nice game

Warcraft 3!

This is perfect, everytime I leave my real computer, the one with Warcraft, I can play this, since it almost mimicks the warcraft 3, tower defense map, Power Towers, great game, and yes, you should make it arrow-pan.

Good game

Good concept with the hero and the auras. My only problem is the map, is it too big, has too many useless areas and some good areas blocked off by terrain, and scrolling around is kindof annoying.

Good & Bad

Good :
Heroes (don't need to buy an extra tower if an enemy goes through)
Boss Drops (the super power up of unfairnes)
Auras (1 word sweet!)

THE FREAKIN' MAP! (next time make it smaller or make it so i can scroll with the arrow keys is freaking anoying)
POWER FOR TOWERS! (got damn i gotta waste hard earned resources just so i can get enough power to buy 3 freakin' towers...NOT GOOD delete the power system its f**king anoying!)


10 (overall of game) - 3 (1 for power for towers and 2 FOR THE F**KING MAP) = 7!
7 = 4/5 !