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Reviews for "Toytown Tower Defense"


Nice try but a little too childish, sure there is blood and the idea is good, but...

Nothing to me compares to elite force:defence, waiting for installement 3...

My review

Now this game is really great but the only thing wrong about the game is the power.
the power station really takes up most of your money in the beginning but over all of that the game is great!
I rate this game 9/10

Best game ive played in awhile

wow just the concept of this game is amazing.... its WAY more then your normal tower games for 1 you can scroll for 2 diffrent auras? thats a nice touch got the Hero tower upgrades not many towers though.... also the power supply idea was genious graphics were pretty good to i just spent the last hour playing this it was pretty good i look foward to seeing more games produced by you expecially a 2nd one

1 sugestion though more towers and its a prefect Defence game also upgrades for the hero would be awsome to

Very nice...

This has easily become one of my favorite games to play on Newgrounds. Tower defenses are some of my favorite games, so this was definitely a great submission. This game featured three aspects which I rarely see in a tower defense game:

1. A large map for extra towers and scrolling (scrolling was a nice touch)
2. A hero character
3. The use of power in order to use other towers

Although #3 seems contradictory to itself, it's only natural that towers need to have something to work. Creating the power part of the game makes sure that you control your spending limits, which is a problem for a lot of players. The game was also very challenging, which kept me busy for an hour or two, which is what a good game should do.


This game is awesome!