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Reviews for "Toytown Tower Defense"

not bad

i appreciate how you tried to make it different than most tower defense games, but it was too dependent on the hero

Nice concept, needs some tweaks though...

Being that it's your first game, it's pretty good, the whole "Toy Land" theme is a nice twist on the traditional TD game, and adding a hero is nice as well.

I do have to admit though, the interface felt a bit clunky... Game just would not scroll when I reached the edge of the screen, and clicking on the mini map seemed a bit sluggish. It could have also used some keyboard shortcuts as well, so I could switch to my hero and off without having to search around for him. Maybe another shortcut that would let me bounce around the towers as well.

Still, again, it's great for the first effort, and hope if you do a sequel, you'll build upon and improve the concept!

its ok

i like the idea of a hero, altho it can be rather annoying at times, but at other times u can save ur ass, its 50/50.. hmm.,.

Suprisingly fun!

This game is a decent defend style game and it should offer a challenge for anyone

not bad

its sorta hard at first. i think its pretty good. the map control is weird though and i wish u could upgrade your guy