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Reviews for "Toytown Tower Defense"

I'll give you an A for effort

Unfortunately I can't say much about your originality. I had quite a bit of fun playing this in Warcraft 3 lol. You did a pretty good imitation of that secret level in the game though. :P Although as the levels progressed it got way too hard. It got to the point where I couldn't properly damage a whole fleet of panda's and while I was focusing on damaging them, about 3 other waves got through and I lost.
I suggest either make them get stronger in lower intervals, or give more gold as they get stronger. Plus the whole power plant things never made sense to me, especially in a game that had castles lmao.
Don't get me wrong, was a good game, but I think you just need to tweek some of the coding a bit and get rid of the power plants.. Or maybe if you turned the power plants into a like a magical engineering plant or something for ice towers and fire pits? Might work.

... yeah...

i didn't really enjoyed that--- it felet like im playing something from teh old gameboy advance... and it didn't have the tower defense feel- it's more like a shooting game... without the shooting factor... yeah- good try thuogh ^^;

not too bad really

i liked he concept of the game not a bad idea come out with a second one


It is really fun... You should make some more games


not the best game i ever played but i have seen worse (a lot worse).