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Reviews for "Toytown Tower Defense"


This is a good game but it gets too hard really early in the game.


This game is good. You need to work on the power of the reinforcements though they seemed to do NOTHING! They worked when you were around and you've assigned an aura but when bad guys get through, well, you're stuffed coz then you'll have to have towers where they're going and the towers are useless unles you're there and you cant be at 2 places at once. The mapping was excellent, game ideology was excellent. However a lot of people make mistakes with 'reinforcements' where they make them available to you but they're useless as all hell! I saw this in zombie survival ms where you work hard to earn points so you can get reinforcements and upgrades but when you get them they hardly make a difference! I almost gave this game a 9, but then I played it again and again and tried different strategies but still nothing special happens. 7 will do for now. I might try playing again in the future. I'm not in a hurry tho.


But it gets too hard too quickly


It was way too slow and uninteresting, although the graphics were nice, and Space Marines are always cool.


Steroids!... Steroids have the opposite effect on me. The calm me down for some reason. Then ... I become ... SCREAMO EMO GOTH MAN!!!! My super powers in this form are: Tendency to hit people, and Generic Screamo distraction technique. Anyway, fun ad diverse, and keeps me entertained.