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Reviews for "Toytown Tower Defense"

meh. not bad

It was fun. Im not to into the whole hero thing on my defense games. Id rather worry about upgrading my towers and such. Speaking of tower it needed a ton more.

nice gimmick

The addition of the hero was cool. It's nice to have some more direct control sometimes. Would have like to have seen the towers change in graphic when they upgrade though.

Wasn't bad, hero was a nice add on, lacking

wasn't a bad game, but i have played a million just like it, towers being changed when they upgrade and a upgradible hero wouldve made it much better.


I always get to level 17 and die! xD
This is an awesome game! And addicting too!! haha
Nice job!! x]

Total 9/10

Audio 7/10
Nothing special,just like other games.
Towers 7/10
Too weak,make it stronger.
Creeps 8/10
Just like other TD games,bosses are much bigger,air creeps,and ground creeps.
Lives 10/10
Very good,20 lives are just balanced for so many levels.Keep going!
Heroes 10/10
Not like other TD games,which don't have any Heroes.Great job!
Graphics 9/10
Very good graphics,not that old.
Auras 8/10
Auras are a handy thing to have for TD's which have many levels,but i suggest auras need gold to have/build.
Total 9/10
Keep it up!Make it improve till it rocks!