Reviews for "SW: Clash Of The Sith"


I think every thing is awsome, but im to lazy to decode what Nihilus was saying to Sion. I wanted to know if someone could do this for me and send it to my email
hiddenorigins@yahoo.com , if you could do this it would be much abliged. TY.


This was a nice little sidequest to the original Star Wars story,the animation was great and the voice acting was fantastic,the story so far was pretty entertaining and i really enjoyed this flash,keep up the great work.


Ok lord sion and lord nihilus never fought, i think it was Revan who actually killed him, and there was no droid substitute. If yo want the history and future of the whole Star wars thing, Then go to www.wookiepedia.com YOu can learn evrything boot the sith and every other nation, even out fo the galaxy ones.

Xennethy responds:

Oh, my knowledge of the Sith is pretty good. :)
Anyway, if you read the comments you will know that this is a parody of a deleted scene in the game itself. Which means i did not make up the entire meeting between the 2 Sithlords. It actually exist, tho not official.
And yeah, i made up the droid substitute, its a parody afterall. :D


An awsome KOTOR parody and i CAN'T wait for STAR WARS:The Old Republic wich is an MMO RPG game. :) :)


im lazy what did that 1 guy say the 1 speaking in sith im 2 retarded 2 remember