Reviews for "SW: Clash Of The Sith"

very good

lol at the guard crying about elementry. and Nice HBK reference in the bonus, all Sion needs now is a cowboy hat and spiffy pants xD




Nihlus: I'm am never letting him use my karioke machine again...
Sion: You know you loved it.
Nihlus: Gay...


enjoied the movie the bonus movie was funny to.It would have been funnier if he accidentally turned the lightsaber on just as he began to sing into it.

Grevious98 doesnt know what hes talking about

you might want to add in a little more story for other videos. I know this was based on a cutscene, but maybe just putting in a few sith guards would hve made it a little nicer. still, it was excellent, and got the job done. and it was pretty funny.