Reviews for "SW: Clash Of The Sith"


NE1 actually took the time to find out what nihilus is saying?


Next time, you really need to decide what you want to.

It began as a serious flash, but then it crossed over to a mutant-cross between, mildy funny and serious and I didn't like that one bit.

But it still had nice voice acting and animation. The fighting should have been longer with that title and maybe a little more cheesy "I'm dead, but I still got 1 last shot back".

Xennethy responds:

It is meant to be this way... Thats my style. Thanks for watching anyway.

Good, but...

I wish you would have picked whether you wanted to do a serious flash or a funny flash, this felt like it was trying to be both, and that hampered it from being more succesful at either. On the plus side, very good animation, good voice acting, good music. Pick which direction you want to go next time and I think you'll be well on your way to becoming a true Sith Lord!
... of teh Internets

Xennethy responds:

Its a funny flash, but i want the fight to be serious. I guess you cant really mix the 2 together.
Thanks Anyway ^^

i liked it

i loved your realy smooth animation :)


This was very good, i'll hope it will get to the front page!