Reviews for "SW: Clash Of The Sith"

lets see...

comedy, guy getting randomly beat up,light saber battle... got my 5 !

man Nihilius is annoying!

sorry to give such low review

but firstly sions head was way to big. the animation was good but seemed patchy in places. theres also the fact that sith kill rebellious apprentices.

other than tha it was good


the thing was fucking sweet and kikass...and wtf at the bonus that was just random. 10 stars.

Ok not bad

Too slow until the battle. plot should move faster.

not terrible, but wrong use of characters

i wanna say this is amazing but i know it has it's flaws. The characters darth sion and nihilus are way too serious to make a parody with. if it wasn't for the 20 second battle scene if would've gven this a lower rating. i stll liked the video overall it was good humor and very innovative using those two characters. I can call this good but not amazing.