Reviews for "SW: Clash Of The Sith"

Pretty Cool.

That was really cool, i enjoyed it very much.

Sasakiman,are you retarded?

Darth Sion and Darth Nihilus are in star wars knights of the old republic 2 video game. 4000 modaferretin years before the fall of the jedi! Lol don't you get it?

This gave me allot of laughs so 10/10


That was cool. The fight should have been longer but other than that it was awsome.

That was a-ok.

As a gigantic star-wars nerd I applaud this. I loved KOTOR II. My only criticism would be that the whole plot of the movie progressed kind of slow and the dialog could have used some work.


it was very good dude, the only reson i marked you down is none of my favourite characters from star wars were in it and i dont remember those guys in the films. maybe they were but i though darth vader and the emperor were bad and luke was good i dont remember those guys! if you had used the more famous star wars characters a definate 10/10! i still gave u 5./5 as that was funny!!!!!

Xennethy responds:

Yeah thanks, but this is not a parody of the films, but from the game Knights of the Old Republic 2. Go play it if you haven tried it before.