Reviews for "SW: Clash Of The Sith"

Good Job! Great Style!

I think you can make a flash with comedy/seriousness in it, after all all famous plays for hundreds of years were written in this fashion keep it up ^_^. Nihilus is says "I want cookies" the first time and the second time I could not decipher what he said, would be greatly appreciated if you revealed it. It always saddend me how badass Nihilus was, then when you fight him hes a total pushover... KotoR 2 was a huuuge dissapointment over KotoR... but alas you made a great flash out of it good job!


Why are they so short? It looks like we have a bunch of fights between two year olds.

I think...

Did the guy with mask tell Sion "fuck you"?

such a power!

this guys are fighthing like dogs.aboute movie:awesome,briliant,fantastic,perf ect and cool!!!!!!!!


not happy with how humor was used on nihilus and sion but good fight seen good animation and perfect exploit of sions being a P.A.B pussy.ass.bitch when i fought sion as a boss it was to easy all i did was use insanity flurry till the next cutscene repeat till last cutscene turn him good and he dropped dead really his minions fight better than him