Reviews for "SW: Clash Of The Sith"


not bad but yuh suck at animatin

Twas Alright.

I think you animate pretty well even though they seemed clunky. I watched a couple of your other videos and to be honest I like your style and voice acting a lot. Just you seem to waste a lot of your talent on fan fics or whatever. I still think you did good though I just think you would do much better without a satyr of somebody elses stuff.

Xennethy responds:

Thanks for watching!
I'm focusing more on original contents now.
I'm working pretty slow, but there's a few new projects going on. :)

very nice...

Over all i think this is a very well animated movie and the characters are also cool, but at times i think his head was too big and...well thats about it. sometimes i wish great flashes like this could be 3d like warriors of the portal and like xbox 360 graphics know what i mean? your movie was pretty epic

Great job

Alright now ya see you'll get ten gold stars

Great work

I want cookies :D,your style is great i like these chibi fighting scenes. This totally Hilarious man