Reviews for "SW: Clash Of The Sith"


very funny the movie


I've played Kotor and Kotor 2 atleast 5 times each and love them. This is the only worthy Kotor animation I've seen. Just have one suggestion though, you might want to include the jokes in like a different version, such as a option in Special Features. It kinda switched from serious to funny. I have ti admit, there were some funny jokes in there. Awesome, and I could never compete. Oh, and nice voices, too.


seriously, having finished first and second KotoR numerous times i am VERY dissapointed.
This starts off as being a good looking movie but then it goes downhill
The graphics are way too cartoonish and takes away the atmosphere of KotoR 2 COMPLETELY, big heads tiny legs? thats pretty bad
Also all the jokes are not funny and very stale.
Im still giving you a 6 because it looks like tons of work was put into making of this, and i do like sounds and voices.
The game was amazing, the whole atmosphere of darkness was taken away.
Oh and also Nihilus slaves do not talk lol theyre just zombies

its strange

its strange how Sion is invincible yet he can be defeated by breaking his will

Fucking SWEET!

I've Played Each KOTOR And finished them one more than one occasion I'd have to say the first one is much better than the second. and this Movie Is Fucking Cool!