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Reviews for "_-=[Aftermath]=-_"

love it

This is soooo much better than wen i last heard it! i love the piano part around....
1:20 i think
that was really nice how u kinda broke it down a bit
the repeating E was a nice touch as well
the idea of repeating a note sounds dumb but worked well in this piece
and wo you've been making these songs pretty quickly as well!
thats awesome
pretty soon u might catch up to Edgen
rain and thunder was a nice add also
the viola was quieter,


MaestroSorrow responds:

heh, yeah the first time I showed you, t'was quite... crap...

however nothing an all-nighter couldn't solve!

And yes I plan to catch up to Edgen, and ParagonX9 too ^-^.

Though I feel maybe I made the repeating note... repeate too much. It feels like its going to end, and then starts up again. I plan to reduce the delay time, or even just give it a small riff melody instead.

Thnx for the review ^^.

rain and thunder!

I think this may be my new fav sad piece!

The rain and thunder really made it great!

MaestroSorrow responds:

glad you liked it ^^. The rain probably killed what chance it had of being used in a flash, but chances are not many of these are going to be used anyways, so i'll do what I want.

Die,one line summary!

A good piece.The rain was a interesting touch.I suppose it is a sad piece but I've been in that mood lately so I can't tell.You are making a name for yourself pretty quick.Is your computer holding you back?If so damn.Get a better one!I want to hear more good music.Keep at it!

MaestroSorrow responds:

thanks, I don't think this would be very useful for a flash because I added my own sound effects, but yeah, I felt like doing something interesting.

Also yes, my blasted computer is holding me back quite a bit --_--". One day the gods will smile at me and bless me with something that has over 644mhz...


This piece went FLIPPEN roxors on my ass when the horns came in! I went INSANE in places I didn't know existed!


MaestroSorrow responds:

heh, be careful, eventually you'll run out of places you didn't know existed, and then you'll be in REAL trouble.