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Reviews for "_-=[Aftermath]=-_"

very nice

like most reviewers have said, the resounding 'e' gives a nice affect that mixes great with the ambient rain in the background...

and the lite viola in the back rele helped made this piece sound complete, i only wish it was longer.

great job

MaestroSorrow responds:

many thanks, I quite enjoyed writing this.

keep good work

that was good one ill download it maybe use in some movies

totally not action movie :D

MaestroSorrow responds:

heh, I dare you and TRY to use it for some kind of action scene... your viewers will either think you a nutcase, or some form of prodigy genious, and they can't understand the complex message that you apparently want to give them... >_>, stupid people...

Thanks for the review ^^.


MAESTRO I wanna collab with you... or at least have your babies. This is so great. I love breaking it down into the different instruments. My new song "Tears of Divinity" was on the charts for a good 5 minutes before it got a few zeros and will likely never be seen again. So get your ass over there and tell me what it's "really" worth cuz I love all your reviews. But really... Collab or babies.

MaestroSorrow responds:

... well... Chrono might get jealous... but if you insist *ziiiip*.

Heh, alright, i'll get over there and tell them good and proper, I was going to go over there tonight anyways.


So I listened to all your songs, and decided to review the one I liked best (this one obviously). The reason why I liked this one so much, is that I can imagine at the end of it 2 guitars in harmony just rockin out, like the way that say metallica will start a song out with a slow melodic peace then go to a hardcore metal version of it. The thunder and lightning really add to the dramatic appeal of it, but could have been better defined, as the rain at times sounds just like static. I absolutely love the dark atmosphere that the song sends out. Good Work.

MaestroSorrow responds:

you're absolutely right, the rain does sound like static at times, and this is purely because when you record rain, it more often then not sounds like static, in fact when you look at the waveform of rain and static, the two are quite similar (especially for heavy rain).

I will take your advice and try to put some nice hardcore metal in there, i'm sure it would be cool, or if not, perhaps you and I could collab on it.


thnx for the review.

Holy crap!

This stuff is amazing! Very calm, very quiet yet very powerful. I love this song. The use of rain and thunder gives it a nice touch. The title suits it right. So far so good, it's the 2nd song of yours that i take a listen at. You are amazing! Look what you did, you made me say amazing tiwce.

MaestroSorrow responds:

I feel so bad... T-T.

Though that means quite a bit to me, your pieces are exceptional as well. I didn't have the time yesterday to swim in them, and leave comments, however I will be sure to revisit and leave what I think ^^.

Thnx for the review