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Reviews for "_-=[Aftermath]=-_"

^^ last line....so far ;D

wellll~ can i add u on msn X], i'll try sort it out on it, it might be easier.....as im completely new to newgrounds *yes, it seems to be a big community....no, i havnt been/found the newbi forum page...no, i'll find it myself tnx*
sooo~ X] werallgoing2die1day@hotmail.com
its pessimisitc, but its just so true.....
hope to see u online soon X]
best wishes~

absolutely (forget mind blowing) soul shaking music :)

MaestroSorrow responds:

hey thats a good title for a piece... soul shacker!

Many thanks for that, and your review, sure add me or i'll add you ^^, hope to talk with you soon.

Extra Support

I listened to all your current tunes. Im amazed to find a common theme. They all have a battle-oriented atmosphere to them. Thats pretty cool. I was even thinking on using one or two of them in a flash if I ever get around to it. Alone I Die is my favorite tune of your collection. It gives me ideas of a religious battle (instrument selection). This current tune Aftermath reminds me of something out of WW movie (1 or 2). pretty good tunes ****5/5 all your tunes!****

MaestroSorrow responds:

Many thanks Highland, I appreciate it ^^.

And your right, the reason all my pieces have some form of battle feel to it, is because the VST I use, has percussional sets that ALL feel milatary to it. Its beginning to effect every piece I try to make so i'll probably find something else.

thnx for the review.

Final Fantasy X!!!!

This sounds like something that would be after a major fight in Final Fantasy X!! Sounds good.

MaestroSorrow responds:

Heh thanks, though I highly doubt Square Enix is going to use it, or even consider it, thats a real compliment.

Thnx for the review ^^.

Nice and clear!

Its nice listening to something else than metal for a change...its relaxing...great job...youre a master!

MaestroSorrow responds:

many thanks, but still, metal has its intense lure right?

Thnx for the review ^^.


I'm guilty of the crime of not visiting your page until now, So I hope you may forgive me.
Ok, I'll try to be constructive.

This song in itself is very emotional, but the volume isnt tuned correctly (after my opinion).
The percussion and the piano, is correct, but the violin/viola should be a bit louder.
The strings you added had a nice feel to them, and the effects you used at various times fit quite well.

The flute as well, is at a level of too low volume, It all seemed drowned as well, due to a bit mistakes in the equalizing (I recently begun learning equalizing myself).

But this conjures some pretty darn emotional pictures, and would fit in a dark/tragic scene.

-Christian Sandviknes-

Ps; Check out my tunes if you get the time.

MaestroSorrow responds:

heh, equalizing is a pretty big pain for me, im confident one day i'll master it >_<!

Thanks for the suggestions, I will consider and adjust the piece accordingly.