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Reviews for "_-=[Aftermath]=-_"


wow great the vision I get is a military convoy dead the tanks just sitting there, with a dead crew member possibly laying outside one of the hatches, bodies on the ground, destruction everywhere, brass case's, empty mags, rifles lay on the ground as if they were discarded, all the while the rain lands all over everything.


Nice track
Question: Are you in anyway affiliated with MaestroRage?


That was simply put, brilliantly done. I loved that song all the way through, you did a great job on putting that all together. 10/10 5/5

I am getting into your music

You have talent, you also have something no other person that makes music for the audio portal has, and thats the ability to get everyone into the same mood. I bet almost everyone is thinking the same thing, "This sounds like a song that should be played during a funeral" or "This sounds like the aftermath of a tragic event in time. you are great and i love your music

Keep it up man

by the way nice rain affect


its amazing i shead some tears