Reviews for "Heroin Hero"


good job, i was hoping someone would make this. and to all the people who says this is pointless and it should have been blammed... its from a south park episode, so stfu

vlequang responds:

If I didn't make this game, I might have blammed it

that was great.. lol

now make a guitar hero flash from that episode, and you'll have my respect.

vlequang responds:

I've already started working on it


this game mellow me out lol

i love south park and i was talking about if there actually was a game like this that would be awesome

this was so funny


this was pointless... i didnt know what was goin on so i just kept shooting up. i suppose this might be a good time waster


well I don't know what to say
I like it because it was in the south park (episode was great) but yet it makes no sense
and anyway I'm against drugs so you get 1/10

vlequang responds:

I'm against drugs too, stupid!

Except for weed