Reviews for "Heroin Hero"


there areother versions of this game on NG. there all funny.
ohh and you would probably have to live in colorado to get the part with the celebrities


I Had My Guy Tripping so bad His Hand Turned Green And A Bear Head Popped Out!

Fucking dragon

I can't catch him whats the point I'll just go smoke some weed no chasing dragons for me its not really worth it.


No i could catch it it left i swear i could catch it raagaaagrsrsfdfg!!!!

So simple a 3 year old could play it! A nice break

Love this game! I would like an audio track to be added for the dragon saying things like "shoot up" and "C'mon Catch me!" and "You almost got me" Also, perhaps the shooting up aspect could be made more frequent so that I can shoot up more often. I think if I shoot up more often I might be able to catch that dragon.

vlequang responds:

This game is highly discouraged for 3 year olds. WTF u thinking!