Reviews for "Heroin Hero"


i played for 3 hours saw, ALOT of teddy heads, caught the dragon AND i didnt die of an overdose... sooooo cooold

o man...

very cool very original to! love the music, who is that btw? any way great game oh ..man.. fellin ..nice...ahh shit.... hey ffffffffffsdadgkjhkj dswd eat dookie sdaasda.


it is the greatest thing EVER


You should make a rehab hero... "mom get dad out of the living room"

I had a relationship with this game haha!

I played this game for almost 3 hours after hitting up 5 bowls of haze and let me say, it is the greatest thing EVER! What is the second song by the way? One of the few things I remember is a really cool song after the first one that I connected with... It would be much appreciated :D

All in all, hillarious yet fun game :D

vlequang responds:

You gotta be kidding me. 3 HOURS!?! :O