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Reviews for "Sketch 2: House Idea"

hey READ ThiS

hey i would like to you use some of you music in swome of my youtube videos soo please get back to me when you can ps ill be sending you this same thing in a PM that way it well be easyer to keep track off im not really sure why i just posted this but what ever.... :) i hope to here from you soon...peace


i fucking love this man. keep going forward with it

theres nothing i really hate about it but the arp/lead synth is a bit to loud/ overdone
and i would sound great with some wobble just sayain....


Make this a house song, you rarely find house songs of this quality on NG.
-I'd remove the glitchy hats in the intro. Leave out any percussion.
-at 0:14 I'd add a 4 by 4 kick.
-then a reverse cymbal at 0:26 and a reverb kick at 0:27-0:28-ish.
-Then a generic Kick Snare pattern, If you want I can send you a snare.
-And then lots of basses and melody in the shape of Zedd's stuff.
That's my input anyway.

mr-jazzman responds:

Thanks for your input man. I appreciate it, but remember that this is just a sketch lol. Mostly it's just here to show you some of the ideas that I've been playing with lately -- stuff that I'll be screwing around with during the production of my album. But, you've got some really good pointers here. I know that the snare isn't the greatest; I've been experimenting with different snare samples, and trust me, I've got more than enough samples to work with lol. I think that I've come close to perfecting the levels and compression on my drums, although some final tweaking is of course in order before I finalize my album. But, you bring up some really cool things that I'd like to experiment with in the future, so thank you very much for your input! =D


Your house music is amazing. The ideas are very well executed, and this is the first I've heard of this mash-up of genres "house-step" as you call it. My ears are thoroughly pleased with what they are hearing in this track.


mr-jazzman responds:

Thank you very much! =D Nero was my inspiration here...betchya can't tell lol. ;)

You should really finish this

This is probably some of the best electronic i've ever heard dude. Idk if i would call it house... but it's really damn good haha.


mr-jazzman responds:

Haha thanks, I might consider it! =D