Reviews for "Horse Rancher"

i love horses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pretty good yea

not bad, got a bit boring tho and the music was very annoying. Good game overall though, good luck in the future!

this is cool

i like this game. it would be better if they made a horse rancher 2.


Its a nice game but its kinda boring.
try to make special levels in it.
or events that make your horse better.
Music gets boring after a fews mins.

Needs some "main events."

I found the game got very, very repetitive. From the music to the pattern of races:

Day 7: Small race (2500, 3000)
Day 15: Medium Race (5000, 7000)
Day 25: Big Race (10000, 12000, 15000)

With your "starter" horse, only enter the Day 7 races. Then, get to a medium horse and win the Day 7 and 15 races.

I finally got the $87K horse (4-4-3), and trained him up to 4-4-4 (Power, Speed, Recovery). It took a heck of a while.

It typically does the training run in 14:15 to 14:50. I can't seem to improve its speed at this point.

With this horse, I've only come in "place" (second) once, in a $15K race. I can even ignore the whip in anything up to a RedCow ($7K) race.

The game does get boring. I suggest adding in some random events: horse breaks its leg (need a new horse), or horse gets covered in a racing magazine, earn a few $K, or it needs a vet (costs $ or you lose the horse).

The game is otherwise a very long, arduous grind through training runs and races. After 3 years, the game did not come to any sort of climax, like a Derby or Triple Crown. It would have been nice to have a big ending with a wreath draped over the horse's neck. Either that, or you might make a trophy stand in a corner.

Give the game more personality.