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Reviews for "Hbd Victoria!"

Pretty nice

Pretty nice flash. But sometimes U dudn't like the red contour around characters. But thats just mine opinion :)

When exporting files from flash you can select what format to use (.swf .avi .gif). So just select .avi and you'll have it. :) Hope that helps! Good luck with yout girlfriend and creation!

Nice present dude.

I will not congratulate you for the flash (it is not bad, but it's nothing special the same time) but for your decision. Instead of chosing to be a slave to materialism (that is, buying a present or flowers etc) you chose to be creative and offer her something unique. That is something that everybody should do more often. I myself in a situation like this, chose to compose and sing a song for the one i loved (i was 14 at that time, but proficient in synths). Although se turned me down i felt good about it. I know how it feels, and again, thumbs up. Now, IMHO, the music was good, but it needed some dampening first (maybe an equalizer to remove some of the high frequencies, that also appliew to the FX). But good job anyway.

edmondoman responds:

being so proficient in synths must make u quite the ladies man.


nice ton man
the characters could be better drawn but it looked good
nice music, where did you get it from?
keep it up! :D

edmondoman responds:

I found the music on http://www.8bitpeoples.com/ it's a website with all 8bit artists who use like gameboy or nintendo sound cards to make all their music. and all the songs are free to DL. its dope stuff.


How nice. The sound was so bothering

Best thing i've seen all day