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Reviews for "Hbd Victoria!"

That was cute

That was cute
but it would been even cuter if the sun had ^^ eyes!
Allso Happy birthday Victoria!!


Really nice, though I would've liked it even more if the father would've said something like: "No! You can't date my daughter!" and then chopped the kids head off with an axe. Or at least some kind of plot twist.

But it's still a nice movie. Good job.

edmondoman responds:

u must realize this video was for my gf... but you seem to know a lot about what girls like, maybe next time i'll get you to make the animation.

Great, great, great!

No need of extremely well-drawn characters, explosions or superb effects for a good movie.
You did a great job.

And happy B-Day for Victoria! =D

That'll get you out of the dog-house.

You sad sappy sucker, you.


That was cute. A nice story with a beginning middle and end (something rare on newgrounds). The character animation was a bit lacking due to the tweening and i feel it couldve used some sound effects.... but youre clearly gonna get laid for making it so my score probably doesnt matter to you.

As for converting to video... camtasia is pretty simple to use. Other than that you could just switch your movieclips to graphic clips (would have to lose the filters) and export it from flash.

edmondoman responds:

Thanks for the suggestions, but i can't use Camtasia, cause i have a Mac. I am using Macromedia Flash 8 Professional. and anytime i export it from flash to quicktime, no matter what video encoder i use, the frame rate or something in the animations doesn't translate properly. I've also tried screen capture apps. but all the ones for Mac seem to be retarded.