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Reviews for "Hbd Victoria!"


it'd be cool if doing all that for a chick in real life would be considered romantic instead of creepy stalking

lmao great style it fit great with the mood of this animation.


yeah this thing is pretty cute, your a great flash artist,
I have finally seen a movie with a purpose, a birthday gift
man keep it up the both of u
I wish u good luck

that was soo sweet I bet it made everyy1 think of

I bet it made everyy1 think of their special someone I liked it :) 8bit sound made it different

Happy Birthday <3

That was adorable.
I loved it.
Maybe... try a sequel?
If you do; let me know! :]
Try like... a twist with the dad getting upset like Slintas said.
Great, though!
I'm impressed.
Victoria is very lucky. :]

very nice.

it was a very touching flash. i liked it a lot. You could've improved the graphics, but that's ok. I loved the song too. good job.