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Reviews for "Fly Sucker & Toad Licker"


the animation was good, but it wasn't funny at all. It only made me laugh because of the sheer randomness. Try putting a little intelligence in your flashes.

Dear Joe

Dear Joe Cartoon,
I have been watching your web cartoons since back in the day when you first released gerbil in a microwave and other classics. Me and my friends used to joke around impersonating super fly back in the late 90s. Here we are, almost 10 years later.


I'm sorry, but it has been years since I've seen you create anything new that was worth while. I think your last descent cartoon was the gerbil in the bar. Maybe you need to find yourself again bro, because I want the old Joe back.

Pretty lame

There are loads of different types of humour - knock knock, situational, political incorrectness, and this - the random kind - e.g. Dad's Home by Sakupen. But your animation sucked. There was no point in it which made me sad. I was waiting for the joke, waiting, waiting... wait, was that it? Where are the surprises? Oh, he kicked the other's head off... why?
Even random humour needs some to make some sense. People scratch their heads wondering if they missed a punchline. If everyone here on Newgrounds voted instead of your fanbase, the Average Score would be in the 7's most likely.
On the plus side your animation was really nice which a lot of people appreciate so I've gone halfway with 5/10.


I honestly don't know what all the fuss is about. Its just kind of random, and not all that funny. There's way too much buildup for almost no content.

Joe you are still god to me

oh my god you're going to do another series?!
Well it's about mother fucking time
Joe Rulez!!!