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Reviews for "Fly Sucker & Toad Licker"


I watched this last night and that song was going through my head all day today. Flyysucker and to-oad licker.

Random thought:
In nature, the toad licks the flies (catches them on his tongue). And the flies suck blood from your skin. So flies are suckers and toads are lickers.


that's the reason that makes of us your slaves joe...

Wtf, still great though.

Great animation and even better art. The concept was really odd, but new and interesting nonetheless. The ending pushed me over the edge and made me vote 5... Damn you Chuck Norris-like roundhouse kicking!


Great song and movie, I voted 5 on this while it was under judgement. :D

I loved it all the way!

It may sound stupid but I loved it, knowing that it's a new thing you've tried out but I gave it a 10 because it was something new. I also enjoyed the baby kicking the head off of the priest.

It may be new and I liked the randomness but don't discourage yourself onto making other funny flashes like this. Keep up the good work Joe. :)