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Reviews for "Fly Sucker & Toad Licker"

No secret, we all grew up with your animations.

Well not exactly, but I've been watching them and been a fan since 1999. Keep it up Joe, we love ya! Brother. I hate beer though, I know it's your source of ideas but mine is vodka. :3

Lol nice

"that was cool how do you get flies to come"
"Duuh I got some shit in my pocket"

Man, I'm not gay

But I love you!!
All my childhood remains within your cartoons!
With all these gerbils and stuff
Fuck your cartoons are soooo great!
Thanks again for being born :)


Thats so rare ! HAHA love your work

Awesome, one of the classic flash animators

Great to see you still active, Mr. Cartoon. Just by looking at the tiny 46*46 icon I was able to detect this was your work. Your work always funny, and still fresh after all these years. You're definately a big part of the Flash hall of fame.

Oh yeah, the movie was hilarious!!!

Keep up the great work!