Reviews for "The Mind Bender"

so i beat it

wasn't too hard
some of the levels were more challenging than others
i found it a bit repetative, but I guess the point of the game was to make you think and not give you new powers or something, but i would have liked different powers to have to destroy some boxes or make other boxes bigger or smaller or something

anyway, i'm not sure if this is a glitch or not
but after i beat the game and went through the last portal it sent me back to the menu

that's fine, i understand that was intentional

but, then i hit "continue" and it gave me a white screen where i fell to my death over and over again?

10/10 5/5

Cant stop play..

I love this game, i cant stop. But i noticed one bug, if you use the powers on a crate and jump right into the spikes and drop the button just before the player regenerate an invisible crate that you cant move pushes the real crate away and take its position.

very nice

I liked it very much but a little to easy. . .


The graphics were good IMO and the game play was interesting and very unique. It also gave me a good challenge. I vote 5 and give it 10 stars. I'm going to add this to my favorites.

sweet game dude

i love teh game, it was easy yet mentaly challenging, and i love that last level with the white room!