Reviews for "The Mind Bender"

pRETTY great

well good music good controlls Very simple for begginers just a thinking game

good game

but the controls are a little slippery like people have said, but its a good game overall

I'm sorry, but this doesn't appeal to me.

Seriously though, it has unfitting and rather annoying music, the jumping is way to sensitive, and the used character is wearing a jumpsuit. It also has no story at all, you just randomly wind up in the middle of nowhere and you go through all the rooms. Yippee, how exciting.


The controls are WAY too touchy, the level with the line of spikes and the 2 blocks is way too hard.

Are you serious?

I like the idea, but the level with one box, lots of spikes is very frustrating, waaay too hard, if it was easier would've been 10.