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Reviews for "Angry Comet"



Short. Sweet. And To The Point.

I am anticipating the full release.


loved the music,animation needs work,mabey a screen with earth and comet in slow motion shooting or blowing up,well good timing with music,and good choice of music.

pezzo responds:



lol i got lost in space cause it had some sweat art in it "nice Job"

pezzo responds:

lol thanks you :D

I dig

lol, very much good. The human race does rather tend to go for the kill for little reason other than imagined threat rather often

The animations at some parts could use some work however, particularly the rocket launch and at the very end when the
earth sorta slides under the comet real fast-like.

I especially liked your use and choice of music, very effective, and your heat/atmospheric friction effect on the comet.

Overall: Yes.

pezzo responds:

yeh i noticed that the earth slide under as well maybe a messed up tween perhaps ill go fix it in a few minutes and thanks for liking the movie i had a hard time getting all the music to work out properly