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Reviews for "Angry Comet"


lol i got lost in space cause it had some sweat art in it "nice Job"

pezzo responds:

lol thanks you :D

wel it was ok

was hoping for a humorous ending such as the earth actually blows up or the comet bounces off but it never came,,,still i liked the art, but what i assumed was the sun? if it was, you messed up with the layers, the comet was actually under it, just say it was the moon, i wont tell no one xD

pezzo responds:

Actually it was a moon thats why it had craters


It looked good and waz cinda funny. You should work on somthing witha better topic and story.

pezzo responds:

eh i thought of when i was in the car coming home and thought what the heck i make it for fun, so i did
its not supposed to be a good idea or awsome animation


interesting toon man
the facial expression was a bit confusing, it was hard to tell if it was smiling or frowning
i like the bit where the impact was at slow motion

keep it up man