Reviews for "KFK's Adventures #12"


funny and amazing as usual :)

I liked it

It made me laugh heartily, great job.

This was great!

I don't have much to say except to tell you this flash was great. I loved it and cannot wait to see more!

Keep it up!

I loled

Thats fucked up he didn't get the part of the black guy!

The best in the series

This is the greatest in this really funny series that is a good spin off from "College University". I kind of thought this seemed to take over the "College University" series, as you make a lot of stuff besides this. The authentic paper background and the crude drawings are very imrpessive. I think this illustrates Karl's stupidity more than any other cartoon. He thinks the guy is his enemy even though he clearly says that he does not. Karl looks funny with his stupid mustache and idiocy.