Reviews for "KFK's Adventures #12"


I saw the whole series today and fuck was it some crazy bullshit!! It's funny as fuck and hope to see more. And yeah I also heard the Steve Chambers Mark Chambers change... What's up with that :P

Great as always

its a great episode for a great series. only on error i can see and i'm not sure if anyone else has picked up on it, the black guys card says Steve Chambers, but when he speaks he says his name is Mark Chambers. . .?


Alright, this series is back to 10 quality where it belongs. It was just so much fun to watch this one. I laughed out loud many times in this, the references were all great, the story flowed really well, and the lack of ninjas helped this flash in a weird sort of way. Still, the Steve/Mark Chambers mix up I don't exactly get, I mean why was his driver's license different?


Being a long-time fan of CU, I say that this has been one of the greatest of KFK's Adventures in a while. All of it's qualities were well-done, and I congratulate you two on great effort put into this one.


This beats the hell of many fancy animations ... Your work is great ... very funnu and very well done ....