Reviews for "KFK's Adventures #12"


LOL funny shit man, keep on making movies =D loved it... FUNNY AS HELL!!!!!!11!


Rofl, this flash is so funny. I can't wait for more.

lol funny

HHAHAHAHAAHHahhahaah oomg AhAHAHh hilarious i love it ahhhaha

silly funny

this is silly funny stuff which i love but.....it's really hard to make 'silly funny' genuinely funny. (raise that level of spontaneity and randomness just a bit more and i'll give you 10 stars!) i realize it's very critical of me but i did give you 8 stars which is good. maybe i'll watch some more and it will grow on me. =)


I have to say that KFK continues to get funnier and funnier and this is definate proof