Reviews for "KFK's Adventures #12"


I've seen all the previous CU stuff. It is humorous as a sitcom and satire of modern educaion. However for this episode/series I ask this:

Did some guy kick you around in elementary or something to inspire such a bitter animation. Funny is one thing and Jim Carrey is another. This has become neither.

U X D Line.

This type of "comedy" could inspire violence and malice toward innocent people and that denotes an offensive nature.

How do you repair the type of humor that this cartoon inspires?

Good Art/Composition/ Deplorable and abusively senseless storyline.

Parks2 responds:

LOL Relax nerd.


Allajuan is teh sux. Coffeez and MJ WOOOOOO!


I like Kung-Fu Karl, a little ramdom, a whole lotta drugs makes him a great character and NOBODY really loke Allajuan any way La veda loco

Caffeine filled glory

Regular graphics, but the voice acting... that was the main thing that makes your animations real... well more realistic. It's a very expressive voice.


errmm it was funny