Reviews for "KFK's Adventures #12"

shut the fuck up the-ramen-noodle

sweet flash btw

Wow, this was a really, REALLY boring movie.

It's a slideshow with audio, not a flash movie. Next time, try animating some people and what not.

You know,

Olajuwon's hair back in 1983 looks alot like Paul Phoenix's hair from Tekken. Just saying. Great movie, 10/10. Sorry if it doesn't rate 10/10, my internet is working really bad now. Keep it up!


is it mark or steve?

Parks2 responds:

Yeah whoops. I'll just chalk that up to the fact that KFK is telling the story and he's an idiot.

take that olajawon(or whatever)!

Great as always. I never knew KFK was such a dick!