Reviews for "KFK's Adventures #12"


You must have drunk too much cafeine 0_o Though it's pretty funny :P
But I'm Dutch, and I have NO CLUE what "Mi Vida Loca" means :P

Funny movie: 4/5 animating wasn't woopie....

Once again , top notch.

the thing i really like about this series is the LACK of animation! the voice acting and drawings carry it perfectly. i think animation would definatly ruin the "feel" of it. Who ever voices this, seriouslys should have a job on television. seriously. its just funny. MORE, MORE, MOAR KFK!!!
man, kfk really is a dick lol.
maybe he's just.... misguided....

good job on keeping almost all of these episodes rating 4+ (thats pretty impressive!)

i liked the start of the animation (k,k,k,k,k,k,k,kkkkkkkkkkkk...)
is thier a place to download this series? or buy-(possibly)?

awesome....again....and again...

how the hell do you do this? every fucking single times is a 5 star episode...(except the first one....only 4.9 stars)......cant say anything else then keep up the freaking good work mate AND DONT CHANGE!

This was great!

I don't have much to say except to tell you this flash was great. I loved it and cannot wait to see more!

Keep it up!

nice work but...

...you said as the dutch would say: mi vida loca... it doesnt mean anything and i know... im dutch, but for the rest its helarious xD its worth a 5/5 and a 9/10