Reviews for "KFK's Adventures #12"

I loled

Thats fucked up he didn't get the part of the black guy!



we dutch are angry!

hey man nice flash! was the first one i saw(ep 12) laught my ass of. but whats whit the dutch people jokes, i'm a proud dutchman myself and we here in holland do not mind if you make fun of us but please use real dutch words:) if you want to use real dutch words or sentences in your next flash pm me, realy luv this flash keep it up!


all that cheezy art made me laguh so much, expecially the vice acting..."i couldnt get the job coz i was "not black enough" and i was naked from the waist down, ah who cares anywayz! dude i love your flash hope you make a better one after this :), oh and keep the same voice act :)


Funny story...I like the simplistic art style. Thanks for the laughs