Reviews for "Blockslide 2"

Very Challenging!

I like it, very much actually. I only have a few issues to point out though. One is that the explosions tend to make it lag a bit. Second, there are at some points a glitch that after an explosion, I can't go across. It's like the box still remained their buy only occured twice and I was able to continue by reseting the level. Also, hope you work out the use of the mouse to click to the next level. It tends to be a hassle to switch from keyboard to mouse every now and then. Lastly, another explosion issue, this time regarding crossing during the explosion itself, or rather the inability to do so. It's a bit of a bummer to wait for the explosion to finish before I can cross it, especially in the later levels where it really tends to be laggy..

Glaiel-Gamer responds:

the enter button works for next level, read what i wrote about hot keys.

switch the quality to low to speed up the explosions

smooth as hot-buttered silk

Well, that is one slick piece of work you've created. Congrats.

Billy - Fan Set B Level 7 can be done

Billy, Fan Set B level 7, go as far as you can until there are just two ice blocks left, push the last block into the water towards your initial start position, then push the second last block back the way you have just come. Nip across to the start position again over the block you have just pushed into the water, then go round to push the second last block into the water adjoining the gem land. You'll kick yourself when you see how easy it is.

Good Game. Kept me amused for hours.

Great puzzle!!!

For a free flash games this is amazing. The graphics are very clean and the interface is well put together. I like it as the levels get quite hard as they keep one busy for quite sometime. Indeed this is not a game to play all at once (that would prove even impossible) but in small bites, just a few levels per day as one can get quite a big headache and frustration. But it's very rewarding to finish such a difficult level and the victory sound and congrats screen do very well on the ego ^_^.
Now let's mention some of the downsides of the game (they didn't stop me from giving this a 10, because the puzzles and diversity are great and it's FREE): lags a lot on a large field especially when you have all kinds of animations, is quite frustrating when you have a lot of blocks to push 1 by 1 or have to start over. One thing with the controls that someone mentioned having troubles with is that when stuck between 3 blocks it's hard to select the middle one (easily fixed with pressing 2 keys at the same time). A UNDO button would have been nice considering those levels when you have a lot to redo.
Thank you for a great game.Now i'm not set C and it's been very fun so far!


Fun, but gets boring after you play it 10 minutes.